Saturday, August 11, 2018

Sunday August 4 - a day of the Olson Clan

After the drama of the lack of rooms in Concord, we settled in for a nice breakfast at the Red Barn in Manchester.  A converted 1918 diner car, the original wheels and trucks are still under the floors according to the owner.   On our way out of the Barn, we see Jim Abbott crossing the parking lot in a futile attempt to surprise us for breakfast. 
The dangers of the Internets is people can find you wherever you are and having the satellite tracker just makes it easier. 
A few selfies with Jim, we decide to take the short drive back up US-3 to the motel that ended Jean's "Rick must stay in a motel when out on his rides" rule.  It has changed hands since his stellar visit in 2002, but it still looks  just as dated; the payphone is no longer across the street at the Dunkin Donuts though.
Best Meat in Town and Fine Wines

Sticking to mostly back roads and only using a couple dozen miles of interstate, we stopped in the Muddy Rudder just past the old DeLorme HQ, now Garmin, building and the home of their giant globe Eartha.  Probably the most expensive lobster rolls in history were secured; buttery, over stuffed on the perfect flat sided roll served with cole slaw and a pickle.  They were awesome. 
Dropping on ME-3 near Augusta and onto the coast.  Fuel is about the same as at home so far, but we know that it will be more expensive in Canada as they use liters and have a higher road tax than we do here in the states; as we'll find out, they have much better roads than we have the states.  I guess you get what you pay for. 

After checking into our motel in Ellsworth, we stop at Helen's for a pie to take up to Happytown Farm where almost the entire Van Pelt clan has congregated; Betsy and Tim's daughter Maddy is at grad school until Wednesday. 

It was good seeing Rick's cousins; it had been a long time, too long in fact, since we all met up.  We must do it again and sooner rather than later.  We had to call it an early night as there is a long travel day to make the ferry in North Sidney, NS.

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