Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Avalon- Lord Baltimore's Lost Colony

A local craftsman has placed a whole bunch of his wares into a pond directly across from his workshop.

Some folks may not know that Baltimore native Barry Levinson uses the Avalon motif in almost all of his productions including the movie "Avalon".  The original Lord Baltimore, George Calvert, was deeded a portion of New Found Land and he sent a settling party in 1608.  The colony grew to almost 100 residents before Lord Baltimore even set foot here.  After one winter, he had had enough.  And through a series of events, Second Lord Baltimore, Cecil Calvert, founded Marys Land in 1632; the original Avalon was taken over by the Kirke family who turned it into a commercial enterprise.  The city was sacked several times through various European Wars, most notably between the French an the British, and rebuilt on the original foundations making for an archaeologist dream site. 

In 1953 the original Ferryland site was declared a National Historic Site and archaeological digs have been going on continuously for nearly 40 years.
Very cool place to visit

Clouds forming as the air is pushed over the cliffs

Original 1934 bridge

more clouds forming

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