Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Who knew getting to France would be so problematic.  It involved several international phone calls to secure both the round-trip ferry tickets and lodging.  But first laundry which meant partially unloading the truck; the reloading was even sloppier as we tried to leave out any camping gear that still might have been wet.

The drive down to Fortune lead us by Morris the Moose; we'll pass him again on the way to St Johns.  Once onto the peninsula the landscape dramatically changes from a spruce and fir forest to scrub brush plains with pockets of ponds and lakes everywhere.  This goes on for miles.

We had lunch in Grand Bank just about 10 km from the ferry in Fortune.

By now you wondering, France?  Yes, France.  Part of the treaty that ended the Seven Years War between France and England [of which the French and Indian War here in the colonies was part of] was the release of all French held territory in the New World, except for St. Pierre-Miquelon which remained a French holding; it also gave them fishing rights.
From Wikipedia:

Under the terms of the Treaty of Paris (1763), which put an end to the Seven Years' War, France ceded all its North American possessions, but Saint-Pierre and Miquelon were returned to France.

[complete wiki entry]

The ferry was drama free although there was some chop along the way and going through customs was a breeze-  passenger ferry travelers tend to pack light.  Our hotel was Hotel Robert.  This place is very French and theyre proud of it.  You need reservations for nearly every meal and there is not a Tim Hortons in sight.

We are in France- not French Territory, France.

Even the room keys are awesome


salmon with a Reisling cream sauce and a bottle of French wine

local broiled scallops

harbor at sunset

boat yard at sunset

the flag of St Pierre-Miquelon

view from Fort Pierre

giant crucifix near the Fort

Mariners Memorial

shipwreck map- thats a lot for such a small place

Star Wars collection at local comic book store

seafood pizza

getting ready to leave

on-board entertainment

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