Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ferry day

Up early and out the door just before sunrise, we're off to the ferry.  It was a very foggy morning as we roll through the wild blueberry fields alone the Airline Road [ME-9].  Our border crossing into Canada goes without a hitch and we are dumped onto some of the most beautiful sections of limited access highway we've ever been on.  The road looks brand new as it hugs the Bay of Fundy's west coast and finally merges with the Trans Canadian Highway near Salisbury, NB where the Silver Fox resides.

One thing we've noticed are the large numbers of phantom construction zones along the highways but unlike the ones of New Jersey which are set up to create speed traps, these are just signs with no apparent work getting done.  The other thing that stuck us was the non-existent use of turning signals; we swear everyone was born in Maryland as nearly every vehicle would put their indicators on either as or after they had made their turn.
Also prevalent are suicidal crows that patrol the shoulders searching for anything that may have been tossed from a car.  Unlike the States, there is almost no roadside litter in Canada so the crows seem to be more daring.
Wandering through some beautiful countryside on our way to Sidney with a stop for burritos and a margarita.  Alas, the restaurant was closed on Monday.  Around the harbor to North Sidney we find a little Italian joint for a couple of plates of fresh mussels, a quick stop in the Walmart for sparkling water and a rug for inside the tent [left at home] and were in the queue for the ferry.

She pushed back on schedule as we were falling asleep in our cabin.

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