Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Downtown St Johns

Today is again filled with history- some recent others ancient.  After breaking camp for the last time this trip [we chickened out as the weather guessers are calling for overnight thunder showers and rain on Thursday and we have had enough of packing wet camping gear, let alone gear that would get unpacked until we get home on Monday the 20th five days from now- can you say 'fragrant?']  We traveled up to Signal Hill, home to the town's coastal defense battery and where the first trans-Atlantic radio transmission was emitted by Marconi.
To say it was windy up there is an understatement-  our hats kept being blown off our heads while the sun was just baking on our arms and legs.  It was odd to be both cold and  sweating at the same time and not being sick.
Just off the battery are the two dogs that draw their names from this province: the Labrador and the Newfoundland.  There is also a set of them downtown at the harbor but here they look right, perched on a bluff overlooking the city.

We also visited The Rooms museum here in St John.  The museum combines historical artifacts with art set into a modern design and some slick galleries where touch screens at the displays offer more detail than any docent could possibly remember unless it was their particular specialty.

view of St John from Signal Hill

The Marconi Radio story

the dogs overlook the harbor

decorated traffic signal boxes

The Rooms Museum

From the inside gallery

view of the harbor from the cafe

American Dry ginger ale - get it?

the dogs at the harbor

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