Sunday, August 12, 2018

Gros Morne- the Great Canadian Washout

You'd think with three days in Gros Morne it wouldn't rain all of them.   You'd be wrong.
Even in the rain we could tell this place was special.
Harbor in the morning fog

a shark through a pole?

that overhead door is how we get out- second to last vehicle off the ferry too.

On the road to Gros Morne

the clouds seem to ooze from the mountains

Gros Morne in the distance

the Corner Brook caribou

the landscape changes the closer to the park you get

Camp site for the next few nights

the rain starts soon

dinner- local beef with peppers and onions 
a brief break in the rain

the trees seem to cling on for dear life

stunted spruce trees along the cliffs

wild babies breath?

We made two attempts at the Western Brook Pond boat ride but it was raining so hard that we chickened out.  Found out later, the boats weren't running anyways due to the low cloud ceiling [below the mountain tops]

Instead, we opted for a couple of board games at the Sunset Cafe which now stands as the benchmark for which all future fresh cod dishes will be measured.  It is that good.   That being said, the service has a lot to be desired.  Jean wanted to get up and help the wait staff that's how bad it was.

Rain again over night just to finish off the visit here. 

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