Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ranger Ready

Prepping the truck.

Since we plan to tent camp most of this trip, making the cargo area of the truck secure was paramount.  Originally, we were going to get a three piece hard top bed cover; that became a 3 section soft top bed cover due to the costs and the cover is really a deterrent more than security.

several weeks of scouring craigslist resulted in very few options and new was upwards of $250
Tri-fold Cover

but there were used caps; lots of choices actually.  Our Isuzu and Dakota both had a cap, so why not. 
York even has a used cap and bed cover dealer so you dont have to pay for a new one and dont have to worry about craigslist "quality".    However, with a little patience sometimes you can find a rough gem on CL.   It needed new pneumatic arms and the keys were missing of course, but for under $30 both were addressed.

We figured we could easily invest $50 to $75 to have it painted since it did not match the blue of our truck and the existing paint was kind of rough.    Sadly, no body shop would even return my call to give me an estimate on painting a cap.  So with a couple of rattle cans of Rustoleum High Gloss White and 400 grit wet dry sandpaper plus a couple days of Bondo spot filler work, the re-painting commenced.  After the rattle cans were depleted, it was obvious that a real air sprayer was needed as every stroke of paint was visible due to the nature of using rattle cans on large surfaces.  $15 worth of High Gloss White automotive paint and several hours of being patient [not a strong point], the refreshed cap was mounted back to the truck.

Honestly, it came out much better than expected considering the last time Rick painted a car was in 1976.

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